Is Inner Skin Zen a supplement that helps with acne or bumps?

Actually yes! Reducing inflammation and balancing hormones will often times help reduce the appearance of bumps and pimples on the skin's surface*. As the name implies, Zen is intended to bring calm and tranquility to inflammation and hormone imbalances*. In turn, this can help reduce the appearance of facial pimples and bumps*. If you want a supplement for inflammation and hormone balance, look no further. Let Zen bring peace to your inner skin.


Does Inner Skin Zen help with collagen skincare?

Yes*! Zen is a supplement for increasing collagen production*. By reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, and stimulating the body's ability to naturally produce collagen, Zen is an absolute game-changer for facial skincare*. 


Is this supplement non-toxic?

Yes! Zen is made with medical-grade ingredients*. It's completely clean and nutritionist approved.